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Updating Layers?


New member
Periodically we will make a file from an existing file. Obviously when we do that the Layers maintain their original names/properties. We have several layers that use the part name (number) in the layer name (EX: 02_1234567). Is there a program or something I can run to rename all of the part number specific layer names to the new part number specific layer names without using modelcheck (EX: 02_1234567 to 02_3456789)? I know about properties and properties for all...the problem is these are time consuming and we run the risk of missing a layer or 2.

When I am in a Pro/E drawing and I have turned some layers on or off and I have not saved Layer status. How can I prevent multiple models that are associated to that drawing from showing that they have been modified in my Work Space. (Intralink 3.1)


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