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Update HOLE feature


New member
Another repetative hole thats missing from hole gui chart is standard machine dowels.

So; feature create hole dowel

hole tolerance could be old school; fit- press or slip

or the textbook interference class.

This would save us hole drillers some more time.

You can create your own HOLE tables. Just look for the files *.hol in your install dir and adjust them accordingly.

Best regards,

Jurij Skraba
we have editted our *.hol file(s) to specifically offer the class 2B to show a capital B versus 2b.







Unfortunately, it appears that we will have to create an entire table for the desired class 3B, as well as UNJ, and UNEF type threads. These are only less than occasionally called for, but I'd rather have them included in the hole feature, than having fellow users add cosmetic threads to previously created cut features.

We have also slid the least frequently called for threads to the end of the list of defined holes. Yes, they may not be order by size, but this way the most common sizes are at the beginning of the list. The dialogue box is not stretchable exposing more than the first 4 thread chioces without scrolling down.

I appreciate the request to expand the selection to include slip and press fit for dowel.

Lastly, we desire a better way to locate repetitive hole features via a tooling hole, such that should the pattern be changed to table type, the patterned features (holes) refer to the tooling hole and not the edge of the part. We accomplish this now by defining the stock material of the part backwards from a tooling hole's location such that the patterned holes are coming from the default datum planes (that are coincident to the tooling hole). This way there aren't extra hard datums in the otherwise simple part.

Jon Bixby - contractor at

Reichert Opthalmic Instruments
>You can create your own HOLE tables. Just look for the files *.hol in your install dir

Wow, that's a great bit of info I didn't know. I'll try appending the metric list to the end of the English threads. I've often had to work with a mix of Metric and English threads in the same part.

I still wish there was a way to switch hole tables on the fly so you didn't have to scroll through a large list.

Also, the side 1 - side 2 box doesn't seem to work the way I'd expect. Toggling side 1 and 2 just makes the hole feature go away from the surface selected such the the feature is in thin air. I'd expect it to move the Csk to the breakout side of the hole.

Also on the wish list would be more standard hole options. Like Csk both sides rather than having to use a sketched hole that then doesn't adhear to standard dimensioning practice in the drawing.

Bernie Hayden



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