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New member
we create models in both metric & standard. how can i assemble a component modeled in inches into a metric assembly..???
Normally this shouldn't be a problem.

Which ProE version are you using?

I've seen this problem when we used ProE version prior to 2000i.
we're using 2001.. we create component models and then use them in assemblies that are in dif units... ie; starts out created in inches and used in an inch assembly then i want to re-use it later in a metric assembly...
So long as both parts are modeled correctly with the appropriate units set, there should be no problems. The only time I've ever run into difficulties is when someone has simply accepted the default units setting for both types of model - then, of course, you wind up with one model that's 1/25th the size of the other. Just make sure the metric unit is done using the metric units settings and the inches are done to inches and you'll be just fine.
there is an option called setup. u can change the dimension metric to inches ithout/with changing dimension value. so this one is not a big problem.


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