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Unfolded View

Hi Shankar Prasad

Your question not clear what is your exact quary

But in modeling we have create a unfold view by using UNFOLDING tool.

Path is

Insert > bending > Unfolding

following is Process of creating unfolding (flat View) in sheet metal modeling.

1. forst Select the tool Unfolding

2. Select thereferance face (Flatsurface)

3.Then selectthe Bend face (circular face)of the part.

4. Unfold view (flat View isCreated in Sheet metal modeling)

Hi Nagnath,
thanks for the reply
sorry i have not mentioned about the work bench
in SL3 (Aerospace Sheet metal)workbench there is an option of deactivating the flat view. in some exceptional cases we use this to create the model without any problem of catia limitations.

suppose if we deactivate the flat view, u cannot get the unfolded view(we have to do it manually). in certain cases how to get unfolded view?
Hi Shankar Prasad

Sorry iam notwell known aboutthe aerospace sheet metal design but may be it is similar to the Generative sheet metal design

I am confused where you use this flat part, In part workbench or assembly work bench or Use in drawing.

In generative sheet metal design we have cerate a flat part by two mathod

1. By using Fold /unfold button but it is only for visulation,

2. Second process is by using unfolding Button that process discussed in previous discussion.

If you want a one wall is bend or other is flat in on sheet metal part then it is done by using the unfolding button,Select only Bend face (circular face)of the Of wall You want to flat.

following is the image of this type


Edited by: nagnath47
thank u Nag
here the wall and the flanges are planar.
but it will diffet in aerospace wherein u get surfacic flanges and joggles coz we use NMGs.

anyway thanks a lot for the help
i want to create 2 crossover cones and intersect them and
finally get a unfolded view to fine net contour shape of
the sheet. how can i do this in catia?!


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