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Unfolded sheet metal in DWG export


New member

in my database are already many sheetmetal parts and time by time I meet very strange problem - when I export sheetmetal part into DWG (save as DWG) then it is automaticaly exported as unfolded (let say ready for laser cutting). This is valid for 90% of my products. However some of them dont unfold when I export them into DWG = dwg file cannot be used for laser. If I want to avoid this problem I have to unfold the part first and then SAVE AS DWG. Why all of them are not exported automaticaly into DWG as unfolded? Enclosed part "Vana.rar" is one of those that are not unfolded automaticaly.

part "Vana_2" can be exported in unfolded state.

please help. thanks.

Edited by: Ladis666

When I opened your first "Vana" file, I noticed that in the feature tree, that the bar was above the "flat pattern". I rolled the bar to the end and it flattened okay.

I went back and moved the bar back to where it was when I opened the file, above the "flat pattern" and tried to flatten and it wouold not.

Give it a try and see if it works.