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Undo button


New member
Sorry to Rant twice in one day, but why can't a high end CAD package like Pro/E have an undo button. In all other CAD packages I've used they have had one.

Steve C
PTC planned to have one in the first editions of Wildfire, but the code turned out to be a little more difficult than expected. There's up to 10 steps undo/redo capability when working within a tool. A global Undo/Redo capability is expected in a later version.

Dave Martin

Torgon Industries
Good luck, PTC has been asked for this as far back as R9 (and probably sooner) that I know of..
Yes Yes Yes -- (says it while nodding vigorously))

I want one of those as well. How many times have you wanted to backtrack or just undo an operation, you hit Ctrl-Z to undo and proe just sits there doing nothing.

I want it, and I want ti now .....

Me to, Me to...

It's ridiculous that you can't even back up within an operation. Like back track and add sketch references without canceling out of the whole command or completing the operation and going back to redefine.

It seems that with the trail file that ProE records the Undo feature shouldn't be that hard to include. Sometimes it's there, sometimes it ain't. Sort of describes ProEs entire user inferface; including WF.

I have heard this complaint time & time again. If you stop and think about it folks, the undo & redo capability is simply at your fingertips. Everyone by now has probably realized that there are buttons for undo/redo in the Toolbars at the top of the screen while in sketcher mode. However while in part or assembly mode these buttons are gone. While in either of these two modes, if you know you want to remove a feature from a part, or a part from an assembly, simply right click on the object in the Model Tree. Drag the cursor down to Delete and release the mouse button. If your not sure you want to delete the object completely but want to try another method of design, simply pick Suppress using the same pick method from the Model Tree. Try it for a while. I think you'll find it just as easy.


Ron Exley

As a reminder, you can also select a group of features/parts and delete or suppress
You're kidding right? Try it for a while. I think you'll find it just as easy. I'm not talking about just removing an assembly level component or suppressing a feature. I'm talking about the simplest of tools in a CAD package, an Undo button. I'm in drafting and I want to add a jog to an ordinate dimension, but I screwed up (sometimes I make a mistake) and it didn't work as I thought it would, so I go click the Undo button BUT IT AIN'T THERE.

Steve C
No Steve, I'm not kidding. That method is just as quick as pressing the undo/redo buttons. As for correcting drafting features in a *.drw those can be simple also. For example, a jog in an ordinate or linear dimension that needs to be corrected. If its wrong simply pick it and drag to the desired

position. If the jog needs to be removed, pick it and drag until the extension snaps to a straight line.

I'm not being sarcastic when saying Try it for a while. I'm merely suggesting a technique which I have found to be simple and allows me more freedom of trying different design methods.

Ron Exley
I developed the habit long ago to save after any significant amount of work - usually every new feature and redefine.

The undo is then to erase displayed models/drawings from memory and bring them back up. This can be a real hassle with big files.