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Unable to update references in sketcher


New member
Just curious if anyone else has had this problem with Widlfire Sketcher.

Sometimes when creating a sketched feature, I need to redefine some of the references. For the purpose of my problem, let us say that I am redefining the sketching plane to another that was offset from the one that was used previously.

When I get into sketcher, Pro/E informs me that I have outdated references, which I am only too happy to update. However, most times when I do this in Wildifre, it does not update the reference. In previous versions of Pro/E that is not usually a problem, because I always had the option of deleting. But in Wildfire, I am not able to delete an outdated reference that won't update.

Am I missing something here? I know that I was able to do this in Pro/E 2001 , and it would allow me to select new references. But in Wildfire, the only workaround is to delete the feature and recreate it, which can waste a lot of time (depending on the complexity of the sketch) and editing references is not always possible.

Any info would be most appreciated


New member
can't you just delete the old references and add new ones in the sketch --> references option? It also is a lot of work, but less work then recreating the entire feature I suppose...


New member
I have also had this problem on a few occasions, I'm in this situation now actually which is what brought me to this thread. What I have discovered so far is that it seems to happen to reference that pro e has lost but found a replacement on its own (using alternate reference i think it says in the command line window) then after changing the model to the point that it no longer finds a suitable replacement the sketch fails, and the missing reference in question can not be updated or deleted. For instance I have 6 missing references in my sketch now, and two outdated ones, i can update the two outdated ones fine, and i can delete 5 of the 6 missing ones. The only one I cannot delete is the reference Pro was auto finding a replacement reference for. As far as I know there is no way around this, doing a rerout doesnt work, and trying to close the reference window in sketcher doesnt work either im greeted with an error, (you have outdated references) so i have to delete the feature and recreate it.

Has any one else found a soloution to this that doesnt involve deleting the feature?


New member
I've had the same issue. You get the message saying you have outdated or missing reverences in the reference collector.

You try to delete them but you can't. you can't close the collector because you have outdated or missing references. it's a vicious catch-22. I've had to <CTRL-C> out of this endless loop and basically delete the feature I was trying to fix and recreate it.

total pain. not sure what Pro-E is looking for. I don't understand why it won't let me delete the references and start over.



New member
I have managed to get around it in some situations. If when you click on the missing reference that wont update/delete in the sketch reference box, if you watch the sketch window closely sometimes the old/lost reference that it wants will highlight (in red on mine but i use prewildfire color scheme, not sure what color it would be in wildfire scheme or how well it will stand out) when it does this i can then do a rerout and pick something close to that reference. the sketch will still fail but i can now delete out the problomatic reference.


New member
I am currently in this situation. I have three references that I can't either update or delete. Two of them show as normal references and the third is a missing reference. There is no way the references window will close. The only "solution" I can see is to close ProE and start over but I've done som changes to a couple of models in an assembly and unfortunately I didn't save.

I'm running WF3.


New member
Ok, I managed to get around it. I opened the sketch setup and could exit the feature operation from there. I nearly got an orgasm.