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Unable to launch Pro/E thru Intralink


New member
Hey guys,

This is a frustrating one. I recently got a new system to run pro/e, and it is in fact one of the supported Dell workstations on PTC's list (Precision 370).

Now I have gone ahead and installed Pro/E and Intralink, and update the variables and paths as per my old system. I assumed that everything should be running tickety-boo. However, when I try to launch Pro/E thru Intralink (be it thru a workspace or no workspace) pro/eis taking forever to launch.

Initially I thought it wasn't launching, but if I wait 30 minutes or so, it does finally come up. Although, when I try to open a file, it can take up to 3-5 minutes for the open file dialog to pop up as well.

Any thoughts?


New member
Hey guys,

Well, I finally heard back from PTC, it turns out that this is an issue specific to Pro/E build M070.

Here is the TAN on it:


So if you have a build of M080 or M090 (which I think is the latest build) you should be ok. If you still have M070, follow the directions in the TAN to fix the issue.


New member
YOu beat me to it. We discovered this the hard way. :) We're running m080 and that seems to be solid (finally!!!).


New member
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