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Un-Family-Table-ing a part


New member

We have a family table part in Intralink (999-XX) with 4 instances (999-00, 999-01, 999-02, & 999-03). We have a released drawings for the part based on the generic, as well as the assemblies that include the first instance (999-00).

We now need only one of the instances and would like to separate that instance (999-00) from the family table and remove the tableness of the part. Is there a way to get rid of the family table and keep only the first instance (999-00) without completely screwing up Intralink or the assemblies calling the instance? It would also be nice if the drawing could point to the one instance.

Intralink 3.2

Pro/E 2001



Without Intralink, you just open the drawing and the assemblies that reference the first instance. Then open the generic part and delete the family table. At this point Pro/E will tell you that the first instance is no longer family table driven. Save the drawing and all assemblies and you are set.

Someone who uses intralink will have to address the implications of doing this procedure in that environment.


New member
same as above,

except youve then got to go and delete all versions of the fam table from CS.

Also rememeber and do a Where Used Report on the instances to be deleted. Making sure you have deleted or replaced the components in the assies before you delete the parts.!


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