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ug to proe


New member
You're not going to get a native file from UG into Pro/E, but if you have Wildfire, you can open a parasolid, which, IMHO, is better than a step file and 10 times better than an iges file. I really wish those of us in the solid world would stop talking about IGES. It's just not the ay to go when discussing solid models.

Steve C


New member

Not always a solid can be helpful. And by the way, in the world are few company's which respect a real standard 3D design. ...

I realy don't want to take in consideration how much mess can be in one file created by one lazy designer/engineer. I see that every day. But some time, you need a customer, or a supplier and let some things to pass.


New member
In most cases, I'm after an outside shell of the imported part. I'm not really concerned with how the model was designed, just as long as what I get is representative of the actual part. What we really need to be talking about is trying to get all 2d companies in this world to switch to 3d. Then we can start talking the same language (almost anyway).

Steve C


New member
You can definetly import a native UG file into PRO/E using CADdoctor software by ELYSIUM. Not just that, data simplification and varification can also be carried out easily.
And not just UG to PRO/E, it can convert data from any CAD software to any other CAD software, without any sot of data loss.

[email protected]


New member
There is a way using the ATB

There is a option for UG and I think SolidWorks where you point the option to the license file of UG or SolidWorks. I think you might also have to do a .dat file for the tools accessories to.

This should let you call up a native UG file in Pro/E.

I'm not on Pro/E anymore but Solidworks so I don't have all the info in front of me.

I cannot believe all the hype these SolidWorks users have for that cad package, the thing is a POS. The analysis package is probably the only thing good about it.

The sketcher can't even come close to Pro/E, gives you practically no feedback when something fails, the way they show assembly constrants is junk and Solidworks makes the most bloded parts.


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