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UDF Help


New member
OK, I'm about to create some holes for a plastic insert and I figure that I should also create them as UDF's. Do I create a dummy part (boss) first and create the UDF from that or do I just create the cut in my current part and make the UDF then?

Steve C
OK, I think I've figured it out, it doesn't make any difference how you create it because I'm making it a standalone UDF. Now for another question (since I got so many responses): My UDF is a revolved cut that create a hole with depth, 2 diameters and an 8
You could create it with 2 references: axis & placement plane, like a coaxial hole... or point and placement plane

Just ensure that the original features only use these references.
Just to add to what proed said...

I think you will need three references, a point (or axis), a top plane, and a reference direction (to set the sketch plane angle). When you create the revolved feature, use a Make Datum for your sketch plane. Choose through point, parallel to a reference plane. Then choose your top plane. If you only reference the point and top plane in your sketch the UDF will only have 3 refs.


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