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( tyre tread) How can I pattern my draft offset???


New member
I am having problems modelling a tyre tread on my tyre, I am using version 2001 Student ED. I am familiar with rotational patterning with regards to patterning a feature on the front face of a cylindrical part ( using an angled datum plane for an angular reference) , I have tried several ways to do this but have not been succesfull. The closest I have got to success is to group DTM1 and the offset feature and use The group pattern option this sort of worked but it only let me have 15 instances, which didn't even cover a third of the tyre. any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. It's becoming a little tyre ing!!! ( sorry couldn't resist the cheesy joke). Thanks

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don't try to discover the wheel

if you cannot do it with your way ... free your mind and find other solutions

Try copy, move, rotate and select the axis of the wheel.

give a value of 45 degrees and then choose this dimension to pattern your feature



New member
free your mind and find other solutions - very spirtual - zen Pro/E

value of 45 degrees actually you need a value of 360/n degrees where n is the number of feature instances you're patterning. Don't forget that your number of pattern instances will be n-1.

Also, why not use a torroidal bend Grasshopper ??


New member
Everytime i try to pattern my copied feature it fails when i select the number of instances, even though the number i enter is lower than the amount it would take to cover the tyre, got it to work once then i used modify and it all failed on me.... getting late will try with a fresh mind would a torroidal bend help me?? never used that feature before. ( sounds interesting, where can i find out about this feature bearing in mind that i do not have any access to the PTC website.