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Twisted Sheetmetal surface


New member
I need to create a flat part of the following part.

View attachment 115

The final component is a tapered 1.5mm thick tray which requires a cross fold across the corners to keep the return lengths the same along the top edge. I've struggling with this one for days now in proe2001 without surfacing.

Has anyone experienced this type of development problem before, is there a work around or technique that I'm missing.

I'm more than willing to e-mail the part if anyone wants to take up the challenge !!!.



New member
karavasilis what version of proe are you using as I cannot open it in 2001 datecode 2001200. Is it possible to re post it in a version I can open.

I guess that you are using Wildfire, is there increased sheetmetal functionality from 2001. We have yet to take the step to Wildfire.