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tweak a wakeboard


New member
I am building a mold for a wakeboard that is modeled in

its finished shape. I would like to somehow bend the model

back down so the parting line is planar so I can build a flat

core mold. I understand that you could use tweak and spinal bend to do this, however I can't figure out how to use this function. Is there anyone out there who is an expert at using

this function. I need to have the model bend correctly since

the core mold has to fit very close. I have an igs file available.
I don't want to build a flat pattern. A better description would be like turning the wakeboard on its top and stepping in the middleuntil the partingline is flat. From what I understand, the board was designed in the flat position and then bent up into shape. Wakeboards have what they call rocker shape which is normally made up of three curves. So the the middle has a slight curve followed by another tangent curve that would give the tip and tail about 2 inches of height so it rides along in the water. Now I want to tweak the rocker down so it is a straight line again but the board still has its thickness and shape. The idea here is to be able to machine a core mold that doesn't have the rocker in it so you wouldn't have to use thicker material like the actual model its self.


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