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New member
Can anyone please provide me with CATIA tutorials or refer me to some good sites ..
The CATIA documentation have excelent tutorials with part files for each function in every workbench. That's a good start. Free CATIA tutorials are hard to come by on the internet. I'm a proficient with many CATIA workbenches so feel free to ask questions. However, since thereare noCATIA tutorials here yet, I would like to make and post CATIA tutorials on this site in the weeks to come. But I make no promises.
Hi, Thanks for the response. Sure I will try the tutorials in the documentations. I would also look forward to your posts on this forum
. Thanks
Check out this site: Their tutorial "CATIA for Designmers" by Sham Tickoo, it's excellent.

Prof. David Lomshek
hi.. i have doubt in the assembly..
how to assemble the screw.. i mean how to assemble the bolt and nut in catia..


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