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New member
Can anybody please provide me with CATIA tutorials..
hi bill,

thanks for your reply..It would be great if u can mail me the tutorials at niki75niki!

Thanks again

Hiya bill!

Could you send those tutorials also to me? It would be very nice to me! thx everything!

Cheers, Bajszi
hey bill

hello, my name is yogesh , i know every body wants the tutorials from you

can u please

please send me the tutorials to me also

i will be very very thank full to u if u send me the tutorials

my email id [email protected]

where r u ? plz send me the CATIA tutorials .....plz ...plz

i need it very much ...... if u send me that u can't believe .... it will very helpful for me ............................

my mail id : [email protected]
hi guys,

the problem is i have them as ahard copy on paper u know , i dont have them on my pc....i will try to make them soft and post it
<DIV>Hi Guys,</DIV>
<DIV>This is niki and I had startedthis post for catia tutorials. I have a few tutorials and Ihave mailed them all to u guys who have mentioned their mail id's.</DIV>
<DIV>Hope this helps.</DIV>
<DIV>Hey Bill... I'll wait for you to send us your tutorials too. :)</DIV>
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