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True Vault for Pro/ENGINEER


New member

I seem to remmember some time ago that there was a product on the market called 'True Vault', as supplied by True Innovations.

As I search for this product now, I am re-directed to AutoDesk 's web site. I know that there is an Inventor integration, but what happened to the Pro/E integration as an alternative to PTC supplied PDM systems.

Is anyone out there using True vault for Pro/E?

If so, what do you think, and who supports you for True Vault?

Does the product have an immediate future?

Any ideas please?


Looks like Autodesk bought them back in March:

Here is the cached trueinnovations site at Google:

Autodesk is happy to announce the successful completion of the asset acquisition of truEInnovations, Inc., which includes the truEVault product line and all intellectual property associated with it. This technology is helping the Autodesk Manufacturing Solutions Division fulfill its mainstream product lifecycle management strategy, aimed at small and medium-sized companies.

Using the trueVault technology, Autodesk Inventor 3D mechanical design software users will gain a tightly integrated data vault that leverages the design information already present in the Autodesk Inventor environment.

Going forward, I wouldn't count on this working with Pro/E data. This is one one of the possible downsides to working with the small third-party PDM vendors out there... they develop quickly and come up with some surprising cool software, but they often get swallowed up by the bigger fish, and its not always the big fish that you'd like (i.e. Autodesk, Dassault, EDS, etc.).

-Brian Adkins
I recall hearing that since being purchased by AutoDesk, they will dis-continue support of PRO software.


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