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Trouble with mechanism...


New member
Hi, I'm having a little trouble with mechanism, more specifically, body definition and assembley connections. Maybe someone here may be able to let me know what I'm doing wrong? so I'm using Wildfire 2.0 f000 (am installing M80 as we speak)

So, here's what I'm doing and maybe it's completely wrong! but anyway!

I create a top level assembley and a subsequent skelleton.
1. I create a top level assembly and a subsequent skeleton. <?:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:eek:ffice:eek:ffice" />
2. I then create a sub-assembly from a start part and it get


create a new assembly in which you will assemble the parts using mechanism connections....

i think that your problem is that you mix upyour top down desing assembly with MDX and some connections is not valid because the parts/sub-assemblies you want to connect has references to top down assembly....

as i have spoken with Mr Turk i will try to createa series of articles to help with MDX because i know that is a very powerfull/intelligent module that has been misunderstood

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New member
Good ideea Xcad

If i can help i can send my work

I don t know what is the best way to construct the assemblies

but i develop some technics myself

I found is DANGEROUS to built in the same assemblies

Anyway i prepare some like example



New member
Guys! What can I say ye're the business!!

I knew I must have been doing something stupid! I've been trying to get my head around this method for some time now and I obviously havent yet! but this is whythis forum is so great!

So Xcad, if I understand you correctlywhat I need to do is simply creat a new assembly usingthe existing parts? now I've been reading allI can inthe last few months including SW posts on assembling multiple mechanisms. would it be eaier to simply not use sub-assmeblies andput everything into the one assm?

cristelino,so are you saying I shouldn't build parts in an assembley or I shouldn't build parts in an assembly for mechanism?

Thanks again for the help guys, please keep the tip comming!



i said that you must create a clear assembly with no references between parts because that references confuses the system and it cannot accept the connections you set.

of course you can use as many sub-assemblies you want


New member
Thats dependbecause is not so easier to answer with simle yes or no

What the Xcad says is the same i do now/

First of all a create my components in the Assemblly mode

I create some curves, skeleton if you want;,and i build my assemblly in fonction of this

The skeleton are in his HISTORY everithyng i need to say abbout client demand

After the assembly was made i recreate the assemblies with connections this time

and then i can inut some sepcifically deplacement

Now i m interesd to build the components directlly in the connected assembly

But thats too risky...........

Ok when the assemblies is fully constarined with conection
you can create New components and choose to assembling
options and after thet if you want to see some movements
can cut some constraints

After that you MUST return to the supressed connection and remade-it

Basicly is my type of work

take a look on the image



New member
ok, I think I have a clearer idea about what I must do!

Thanks for the quick replys! and if anybody else has anything else to add please post it here!