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Trouble with Licences..


New member
Hi everybody..

I've just started a job in a company with 4 seats of Pro.. now I know that 3 of them are Foundation with surfacing (not too sure what the "with surfacing" adds but that the way it was describedto me) and we have4th machine which has AAX, mechanism, ISDXand posibly a few other things.. I don;t know. now this user doesn;t use these "add-ons"..

my question is, is it posible to make these add-on modules floating.. so any usercan access them? from what I can tell we operate a single lisence server utalising 2001, WF1.0 and 2.0..

thanks for your help. sorry if my question is'n clear, but if you need any more info,I'll try toget it.





Depends how the modules were originally purchased - by the sounds of it, locked to each machine...

If you can, look in the license.dat file - for something like this:

#FeatureName - Qty - Product&nbsp ; - Release - Type
#PROE_Foundation - 1 - Pro/ENGINEER Foundation - Wildfire 2.0 - Flt Lic

The Type = Flt Lic will help you.

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New member
Hi Ed, thanks for the reply, would I be right in thinking that the license would be on the server rather than a locked licence file on the users PC?

I'll check it out a little later today anyway..

is there a price diference between a license lock to a machine and a floating license?

thanks for your help,



Back when a seat of Pro/E cost $25K the floating option was $1K. If you go to help/technical support info Pro/E will write a text file in your working directory that will tell you everything about the license. You should see a line like

License Type: Commercial version, Floating License

It will also thell exactly what options are included.


New member
Vivek.. please post a new topic, or do a search.. really easy!

it seems that the additional modules were Extensions which needed to be configured on setup, so I have created a new shortcut to run ProE with these etensions if needed, probably notas good as teh floating options but anyway..

but on the plus side we have a PTC reseller coming in todaytryign to sell us the NC package so we might try to work something out with the floating modules also.

thanks forall the help,