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transparency quality

street v

New member
I am trying to render a part that is transparent and want the internal ribbing to show. Since Pro/E is assuming the whole part is transparent, the ribbing features arent showing up! One way around this is to assign the part to be clear, then copy surfaces to the back of the part. Then assign those surfaces to be slightly less transparent than the part. But the results aren't perfect since you still see some interference between the surfaces and the solid. Is there a better way to set the transparency quality and will Wildfire have better options?
1) Create a similar color (use exact RGB values for best effect) and change the transparency value (Advanced tab) to the desired value.

2) In part mode, assign a surface of the part to the new transparent color. If you're in part mode, there is no need to create a copied surface first, just assign the color to the surface.


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