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Translation from pro/e to autocad: scale


New member
I've create a drawing file in pro/e, then save it as dwg in drawing mode but when i've open the file in autocad i' ve noticed a wrong scale; the scale is altered? what is the problem?


Proe exports you the *.drw file as your scale says.

For example if you have a *.drw with 1:2 scale you will see that all your dimensions in autocad is half value. That is correct i think.

The system just exports the drawing as it is

You sould export your *.drw with 1:1 views inside, or in Autocad : Modify > Scale and bring your view to their native scale

hope this helps


1. i think u r creating that particular part in some other unit (ie) other than mks or n-mm-secs.but in auto cad if u start ur dwgings in metric means then the scale u have to create in mks or n-mm-sec in pro-e.

2.then one more thing proe always exports its files in default units.(ie) in inches.
There also an option : dxf_out_scale_views

Turn it to yes so the view will be exported in 1:1 scale!

Thath's all


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