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translation form pro/eng to Acad


New member
Whats the best way to export 3d Models from from Pro/e 2001 to Acad 2000I ?

Are they SAT (ACIS) options for the export ?

i know it's possible to export a DWG file in drawind mode but this is 2d solution. I do need a 3d Export
Do you have an iges translator for Autocad?

Just type igesin (minus the quotes) at the command line in Acad and it will give you an error if you dont have it or a dialog box will pop up.

In pro save a copy > iges (under file types) and you're in business.

I believe the best format for 3D Translation right now is STEP. The way that it was described to me is that IGES standards have a wide variety of potential variations (and config options)that are still considered to be standard in the IGES world. For example, the CAD system performing the export may have different IGES config settings than the importing CAD system. This is the reason why there may appear to be errors in an imported IGES file even though there is probably nothing actually wrong with the IGES file itself.

STEP standards tend to be a bit stricter than IGES standards and therefore, data translates much cleaner and you typically don't have to worry as much about the configuration options you set.
Thanks for responses.

I tried the SAT (acis) format using pro/e 2001 that seemed to be a good solution (autocad support this format ). The only restriction is Pro/E sat format is lev 5.xx and acad st format is 3.xx. Is there a way too convert sat 5.xx to sat 3.xx.
dear scco:

It looks like there is no sat format output interface in 2001, and I can't make autocad2002 or MDT6 to accept iges which output from proe!!!!!the later just can't get nothing.

Any ideas??Thanks
for acis import or export you need:

1) Setting the hidden option 'enable_acis_interface' to 'yes' value.

2) Doing #File #Save a Copy, select the type 'ACIS File (*.sat)' and #OK.

hope it helps
You can get XchangeWorks at This is a free software for translating solids into AutoCad. It has several different types of translations. It has worked well for me in the past. The website has the details. Good luck.
Hi scco:

Guess what! to use the acis translator PTC want you to spend more money for the acis translator. But I beleive its pretty good...



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