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Translation Between Pro/E and Cimatron


New member

Can anybody help me to explain how to translate the files between Pro/E and Cimatron V12.

How to open a cimatron file in Pro/E?

you can't open the cimatron file in pro/e directly,

but you can export the file to iges or step type,

pro/e can open these type files!

good luck!
One of our tool guys uses cimatron and he prefers step (check the shell option only, do not include solid).

The only problem I run into is that step doesnt seem to like variable rads so I export them individually using iges.


if u export to Cimatron IT parts alone is good step format or iges (for iges only if u have a proper settings)

if u want to export assemby's to Cimatron, then I recomand VDA format, in this case in Cimatron you will receive each part in separate level.


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