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Transfering from CADKey to Pro/E


what format are you looking for?

3D? 2D?

what do you want to do with it once its transferred? if its importing CADKEY 2D or 3D for use as a solid model, may i suggest the following...



i do that all the time with ALIAS, RHINO, SKETCHES...etc.

i use the imported geometry as a TEMPLATE only.


Here's the thing, I'm doing a senior design project for a company that uses CADKey 18 or 19. I forget which version right now.

The project requires us to do finite element analysis on some of the parts. I'm used to Pro/E and know nothing about CADKey. I'd like to get 3D parts into Pro/E. That way, I can import them directly into Algor. I could use the CADKey drawing directly into Algor, but I need to do some assemblies and draw some more parts that the company doesn't have.

If you can, you can email me directly at [email protected]


Gary Osterholt

depending on what version of Algor you're using, you can import Cadkay directly.

see this:

otherwise, Algor will import most major files formats.

hmmm...from your don't use Cadkey and want to finish the design in Pro/e.

well, if the CADKEY files are 3D, you could export them as STEP or IGES into Pro/E and finish there.

one caveat, the CADKEY imports will not be parametric, and you may have to solidfy them.

not sure.

i'll e-mail you off line to see if you can send me the files.