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Transfering from CADKey to Pro/E


New member

what format are you looking for?

3D? 2D?

what do you want to do with it once its transferred? if its importing CADKEY 2D or 3D for use as a solid model, may i suggest the following...



i do that all the time with ALIAS, RHINO, SKETCHES...etc.

i use the imported geometry as a TEMPLATE only.



New member

Here's the thing, I'm doing a senior design project for a company that uses CADKey 18 or 19. I forget which version right now.

The project requires us to do finite element analysis on some of the parts. I'm used to Pro/E and know nothing about CADKey. I'd like to get 3D parts into Pro/E. That way, I can import them directly into Algor. I could use the CADKey drawing directly into Algor, but I need to do some assemblies and draw some more parts that the company doesn't have.

If you can, you can email me directly at [email protected]


Gary Osterholt


New member

depending on what version of Algor you're using, you can import Cadkay directly.

see this:

otherwise, Algor will import most major files formats.

hmmm...from your don't use Cadkey and want to finish the design in Pro/e.

well, if the CADKEY files are 3D, you could export them as STEP or IGES into Pro/E and finish there.

one caveat, the CADKEY imports will not be parametric, and you may have to solidfy them.

not sure.

i'll e-mail you off line to see if you can send me the files.