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Transfer pro/E models to VisualNastran


New member
Hi all!!

Does anyone here use Msc VisualNastran 4D 2004 for simulation and design analysis? I faced trouble when install it in integration with Pro/E. How can I transferpro/E modelsdirectly into Nastran? I can't find the Nastran item in pro/e comand like what they've said to me:View attachment 533

Can anyone shows me the way? what's wrong?

Thanks in advanced


New member
Yes, I save it in IGES format and Nastran can reads it! but, i had to get through a intermediary step instead of using it directly (like Catia or solidwork models).



Active member
click on Geometry type and enter 3

Now click on connect and visual nastran window will open with the assembly (for motion) and part for analysis transferred directlyin visual nastran window graphics window.

BTW you can directly click on connect but with default settings.

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