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transfer educational version to commercial version


New member
Someone can tell me how to transfer file pro/e 2001 prt educational to pro/e 2001 commercial version ? thanks
Based on what PTC says about 2000i^2, the only way to do it is to export neutral files from the Student Edition then import the neutral files into the commercial version. I've been working the issue and I will advise what I find. It is not clear as to what is lost in the process.

Oh, you said the Educational Edition! That's different from the Student Edition. I don't know but I thought I heard someone say that there was IGES compatiblity between them but you'd have to confirm that for yourself.

Hi there Sapto:

I havn't tried it my self but I Know some people have done it by creating a UDF of the whole model (UDF = user defined feature) from one product and then reading the UDF into an empty part file in the other version of Pro/E.

It seem UDFs can be hapily exchanged between student and comercial versions of Pro/E

--- Have a go it might work ---

Skuld ^_^
There is one possibility to convert the files from educational to comercial version.

Asks somone in a University that uses Pro/E.

Control if they own a licencoption for EDUCOM a option that alows you, if it is loaded as a network licence to save the data as a comercial file.