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how can trajpar be written within an equation, so that it ISNT understood as the 'whole' value of the length eg the value of 1?
im creating a var sec sweep, around a circular trajectory to form a spring.

At differing lengths along the trajectory i want to create differing diameters of the spring.

you replied to my other question on varing the diameter from 5-10 and back to 5 again.......... with:


if trajpar>0.5



which worked brilliantly. But i cant seem to use the equation any where else on the trajpar apart from 0.5 eg half.

many thanks for your help so far!
If you only want to use a portion of the curve that is created by your equation, try splitting the curve and retaining the portion that you want to use.

If you want to use the first half of your curve, create a datum point on curve, with a length ratio of .5. Then divide the curve into two (Curve > Split). Use the first half as a trajectory for a var sec sweep.