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Trail files directory


New member
Hey all,

Hopefully this is just an easy one, but I've been having problems with my trail file management. I hvae set the trail file dir in my config.pro to a specific folder, but proE insists on ignoring it and saving them still to c:\documents and settings\matt

I was wondering if this is a problem with using 2001 on a windows system. I mean ProE has problems opening any files with spaces in the names, is this similar or am i doing something else wrong?

Many thanks



New member
I think you may be right; I know Wildfire is supposed to be able to handle spaces in directory names but I'm not sure about 2001.

Try something like;



New member
Run PTC setup and set the "start in" directory to match the one where you are saving your trail files instead of the default "c:\documents and settings\etc. We have a directory on each client pc called c:\pro_users\work and use it as both the default working directory and for saving trail files. We purge the trail files once a week.


New member
You can also accomplish this if you have the shortcut icon on your desktop. Right click and select Properties. In the gray dialog box select Shortcut and enter the "Start in" path.