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tough assembly....could you help


New member
I have designed all of the parts for an E6-B flight computer on Pro/Engineer student edition.

(E6-B picture:

The 4 bolts go through the loop piece and the 2 circular pieces all at once. The circular piece with the tinny hole in it represents the front of the E6-B.

I didn't have time to set up the pics of the parts to the E6-B from Pro/E. But if you are willing to help me with this assembly please, send an e-mail to [email protected], and i WILL send you all the Pro/ENGINEERING files so you can pull up my parts on your computer. I'll also send a drawing of how they should be assembled.

Please consider helping me because this proe project is for my senior project which is required to graduate from my high school;and it's DUE soon!


-Europa--(is there life?)


New member
You will be unable to share your files with anyone. The Student Edition CD is your license and there is no cross compatability between ProE and the Student Edition.

If you can explain what it is that you're having problems with in your assembly maybe that will get you the help you need.


New member
This is an inappropriate posting. Why not enlist some of your fellow students to help? Looks like you bit off more than you can chew or procrastinated on this project.