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Toolkit Tutorials


New member

I have browsed the Pro/E exploder and some other forumns and have found that there is little to no information about Pro/Toolkit, Pro/Intralink Toolkit, J-Link, PDM-Link, etc. I was wondering if the software community (you guys) would like some basic to advanced tutorials on these API's?

Another question: Would there be any legal implications to having these tutorials posted on a web page such as Copyright infringemet?

Patrick Williams

Application Engineer

Steelcase, Inc.
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New member
I for one will be glad if you do post some tutorials for toolkit as well as jlink. I think most of the others will also definitely welcome it.

As far as legal implications are concerned I do not know, but if it is used as a normal training material and is not marked confidential, I think it should be OK.

Thanks ,



New member

where can I pickup any info on toolkit for pro/e wildfire.

i would like to write to a parameter


New member
I am in the process of creating some tutorials right now. The best resource I can give you is the API wizard and User's Guide.