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Tool path for mirrored parts


New member
I have two separated flat parts that are essentially a mirrored image of one another. I've created the nc sequences for one of the parts, now can I somehow use the same nc sequences for the opposite part?


Hello John.

When you make your CL-file , you can simpley use the mirror option.

Do as you normaly do when you create a cl file but before you choose that you want to make a file , you choose mirror instead .

Pro/E then wants you to specify mirror plane to use as referense .

After that you can just continue and choose file and your new file will be mirrored.

I hope this will help you.

Good luck.
When you create an cl file , you choose :

cl-data - output - nc-sequense (or operation , or set ) - then you choose your sequense. The next menu that shows is the one whit default set to display (i guess this is where you normaly choose file ???) In that menu there is an option called mirror . So instead of choosing file , Click mirror , then you have to specify mirror plane and then your back to the same menu again where you choose file this time , and the cl-file will be output mirrored. (if you want you can look at the file by coosing display , so you will se that the result is what you expected!!!!)

This works in Pro/E 2001 anyway.......

Regards/ T


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