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Tool parameters not exported with NC post


New member
Hi all,

Here's the situation. I set up my operation and now I am trying to set up the tooling. I open up the tool library and bring a new tool in. Pls. see the below pic.

View attachment 1126

As you can see, in the highlighted tool (21/32) all the corresponding parameters show below but the values cannot be applied as the 'Apply' button is frozen. I still continue and create the sequence. And when I post process the sequence, this is what I see in the post file.

View attachment 1127

As you can see, it says that no tool is defined. Now the post has to be physically edited to put the right information in.

Now, at the stage where I bring the new tool in, if I change something in any of the settings, like a 'comment' or something, then I get to 'Apply' the changes, (see 7/16 tool in pic.1) and the post file also looks right. In such case of physically applying changes, how a Mfg UDF for the sequence can be defined???

I am relatively new to Pro/Mfg. I'm kinda filling in for somebody here. Is there something I am missing in the steps or this is how Pro/E works.

Using Wildfire 2.0 M110.

Thanks all.


New member
Do you have some parameter making it following seq. tool numbers? Not sure if there is even such a thing.. but not only is it showing the default tool error on line 35 you have a call for T6 not T7 and it's T6T6.. why 2 times.. it that a Mazak thing.. fanuc ... T7M6 .. toolchange for T7.. then a pre-stage on next line if your machine handles them

Do the other tools call the t word twice T3T3M6,T4T4M6.....?


New member
Well, first of all sorry for posting a wrong picture. I just did some quick example sequences to make some pictures and posted it. That picture of the 'post file' was made before the first one. Sorry about that. It still does the same thing though- no tool names carried over from the tool to the post. It really takes time if the job is big with a lot of holes and hole sizes. One has to manually find out the tool size and enter it sequence by sequence.

Anyways, that repeating tool number (T06T06) indicates that its just one sequence. If I had posted an 'Operation' with a bunch of Sequences, it'd have shown you the tool change like T6T12 or something like that, which is to let the machine know about the next tool change.


New member
It almost looks like you need to turn on your comments. In your toolsetup select Edit>Table comments and then select Use Tool_comment parameter.

This will allow you to see the comments for the tool. The apply button generally only is highlighted when you change things.

Also make sure that your PPrint has Tool_comments set to yes. In order to print your toolcomment you would need to have a fil file (G-post) or custom macro (Campost)set or set to output your PPrint . It almost looks like your post does output the comment.

Hope this helps somewhat. If you need more info let me know



New member
Yep..that was it. Most of these NC sequences are created with UDF-s and I assumed that Edit > Table > Use Tool_comment would've been already set while creating the UDF. It was not to be and that's why the post had only the default comment. Now I created a mapkey to do that, which makes it relatively more easier.

Thanks both TonyJager and WSylvester.

Also, I'd like to know more about editing NC posts, I did do some research on the post files we have here, trying to make some sense out of it. I thought it'd be of more help if I have some literature I can refer to.

Can you pls. help me out TonyJager.

Thanks again.


New member
You can buy the manuals directly from Intercim (they make G-post). Last I knew the 3 manuals cost about $75 for Proe users.