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Too many adjectives running around my head to even pick one


New member
Just got our first look at Wild@#$*. I know this is not the Rant and Rave column so I will ask a CIVILIZED question.

Where can I begin my search for ANY useful Wild#$%* documentaion, good release notes or some clues as to how to begin learning Pro/E all over again. I can't even make a protrusion after 13 years on Pro! (All comments expected).

My maintenence dollars hard at work! PTC Jack@#$'s
Try the menu mapper to help you make the transition.

Or insert>extrude (options are solid or surface).

I haven't spent a lot of time with Wildfire since it's of no productive use until they release a compatible version of Intralink but I have spent some time looking through the online help available from within Wildfire and have to admit that this has been greatly improved over r2001 and 2000i2. Most documents are actually that, documents, and are easily printable in a manual/tutorial style format since they are formated using PDF.

Start with this:

Of course I still haven't figured out how to turn off the stinking embedded browser which is what I was searching Help for in the first place.

-Bernie Hayden-

I sympathize with you. I took several black eyes when I brought the first 2000i^2 build into a company that I had just joined. Vital to establishing and maintaining customer confidence: test, test, and retest. Above all, don't let it out until the PTC ENGINEERS (software and mechanical) are happy with it. I, for one, would prefer to wait an additional six months for a bug-free code. Put the ENGINEERS in charge and fire the marketeers!

I figured out how to do a protrusion the first time I tried it and I've only been using Pro/E for about 4 months. Sorry, just had to say that. Have you tried the 'HELP CENTER' within Wildfire? I know when I first open Wildfire, a Wildfire homepage shot out at me from the embedded browser with all kinds of links regarding Wildfire. Try the PRO/ENGINEER Wildfire Tutorials link first.

Steve C
Thanks for the comic relief, Dopey!

Recognizing facetiousness is obviously not your strong point. What is the point is PTC's neverending trek to piss off and alienate CUSTOMERS like me that have paid mantenence for years, received zero true technical support and have funded this POS! Having to re-train an entire engineering staff every year just to appease stooges like you and the SolidJerks of the world is very stupid and UN-productive. It's a shame that PTC believes it has to dumb down a very powerful tool to gain people like you to come in a undercut the real design engineers of the world. It's easy for any Shmo to say he/she is a Pro/E designer at $25/hr and turn off the basement phone number and fade away when the models crap out. All the while true risk takers foot the bill and get Wildfire for the efforts. Say what you want in response, you won't get anything else from me so spam and flame away.
If you don't like the periodic changes and feel technical support doesn't help, why not stop paying the maintenance fees and stay with the same release?

You guys can have fun playing the blame game while the rest of us will do the real work.

This is not a flaming message board. If you want to let off some steam, use the Pro/USER e-mail exploders. They have been little more than an area for flaming and complaining for many years now.

I for one follow this site because it provides a serious, professional forum that doesn't condone flaming behavior. Let's keep it that way.
I say flame all you want, just keep it in the Rant and Rave Forum. If we don't complain a little no one at PTC will address the real issues.