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Tolerances used in tables


New member
Does anyone know how to get a tolerance from a dimension, either plus/minus or limit to show up in a table? I am using tolerance tables in ISO/DIN tolerance mode and want to have a seperate table on the drawing to display that tolerance. Example: Dimension on part is 1326.55 h6

and in the table I would display either: +0 -.08 or 1326.55/1326.47

There are parameters that are supposed to be available in plus/minus mode called tp (for positive tolerance) and tm (negative tolerance). However, I have not been able to get proe to let me use these like &d in a note or a table. Any suggestions?
You can put plus/minus tolerance in table.

You CAN NOT put limit tolerances in table.

First, you have to have that dimension in Plus-Minus format.

Then in family table add those tolerances.

In drawing, you have to create separate columns to show tolerances. (Also it does not show + or - signs, you have to add them separately.)

BTW, this is for ProE vesion upto 2001. Don't know about WF.
Plus/minus tolerances in fam table are realy interesting
Charleskim's solution is fit for that.

I'm wondering about very similar subject - I need show name = letters in dimension (because I use fam. table and it needs link to dimension).

On the picture you can see dimension from solidworks.

View attachment 698

I try make my dimension in proE equally.