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to the guy who posted "Boy, do I feel dumb"


New member
This is what I got from him (design1) privately.


I don't think we're talking apples to apples. I was hired

with the owner being told point blank, I did NOT know Pro-e

He had my resume in his hand. The only way he could have

gotting Pro-e off of it in any way, would have been by

taking letters from different parts of it to spell PRO-E.

Your talking about a 5 day COURSE on Pro-e, dedicated to

Pro-e and someone teaching 5 days of Pro-e.

Not someone sitting down to a computer screen and being

told to just go through and do some practicing. Practice is

to do or perform repeatedly something which is already known

to aquire proficiency. You can not practice what you do not


Think about it!

Here is my response ....

There is no need for you to explain again what you meant in your message. I understood very well your situation. In fact what I failed to say in my message is, in my opinion, that you should be happy that somebody out there gave you a chance to get a job in today

I think as the guy sent you a PRIVATE email, then perhaps the decent thing would've been to reply to him personally, not posting it on the message board.

As for being in the employers ....ahem .... 'shoos' (shoes is the plural for shoe), well perhaps he should have employed someone with previous proe knowledge rather than promise someone training that didn't materialise.


Well, well, well, the guy (design1) who had sent to me the PRIVATE e-mail made sure that after that his post disappeared from (I don
Interesting discussion, not really, its kind of sick.

Have any of you people ever working in the packaging machine industry? Fargo Automation is a packaging machine manufacturer.

I have, but not for the above mentioned employer. The industry is in my opinion a little odd. Many of the attitudes of the people in the industry are very outdated.

I think its a little sick that you people are trying to psychoanalize a situation that you probably don't have first hand knowledge of.

Over the years I have had a supervisor who tried to portray me as a drunk, I don't drink but the supervisor frequently closes the bar nearby work. This was a major computer company.

I have been thrown out of 2 company's within weeks of filing patent applications, one a packaging machine manufacturer and another a semiconductor machine manufacturer. The supervisor at the packaging machine company attemted to change the inventor on the patent to himself after I left but the attorney didn't go along with it.

And the list goes on and gets worse. I believe its called the Peter Principle, you rise to your level of incompetence; and some do very strange things to stay there.

I work as a consultant, when the bs starts, I leave. Never again as an employee on target!

However I have also worked with many very professional people with a high level of integrity in various industries. There are still many very reputable people in the world.

The situation is very simple, the peson feels he was wronged and said so. We still have a guarantee of free speech don't we?

Not being the one in the 'hot seat' you really don't know the situation. From the wording of the posts, I doubt if any of you have ever been in a similar Catch 22 situation and I honestly hope that you never are. Its not fun.

Do you think that maybe its time we drop this subject?

It took me about a month to learn the basics of ProE from being a complete novice without the help from anyone. I was able to create basic parts, drawings & assemblies within that time. All I did was to trawl the web for any tutorials that I could find and just go through them until I was happy with my new skills. I then went on the intro to ProE course at PTC and it didn't really show me anything I didn't know from teaching myself.

I have been using R2001 for a year now and I've just updated to Wildfire last month. I learned the new Wildfire interface in about a week.

I think ProE is easy to learn if your willing to put the time in.
1st for those of you who feel someone should be able to learn pro/e in a week. Kodo's for you if your able but lets face the truth, Pro-E is not the most intuitive program and even with tutorials it can take a while to sort things out and remember what your doing. If this where not the case companies that mean business would want a mim. number of year of experience with pro-e when hiring. And companies would paid more for a good Pro-E use with experience. In fact I know many engineer managers who feel you need at least a couple of years under your belt to be a good Pro-E user.

2nd I tend to side with the ranter because who in their right mind would hire anyone and expect them to be able to pick up a new skill like Pro-E and all the other stuff you need to learn at a new job in just 17 days. (Pro-E feel it take 5 days of intentive training and $1500 to do the basics.)

I'm inclined to believe the employer was tring to go the cheap route. Most likely hired the guy hoping he could pick the program up quickly. But since he had no experience he would not have to pay the higher rate a Pro-E users would likely ask for. (Yes they do tend to be paid more, just check the salarie rate on this sit and compare it to users of other programs.)
How about if we drop this topic? People start repeating themselves.

It is a competitive world out there, especially in this economy. The bar is very high these days and some people have a hard time reaching it. If you can