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To sweep helical curve with extension curve


New member
I have drawn curve as spring using equation. I have created a point at the 'vertex' of the curve followed by a few more points. Then drew another curve using Thro Points-Single Radius from the end of the curve. Now I want to sweep these two curves together. But it is not accepting. It says Curves/Edges do not form a loop. Please reselect.

Please help.

I understand that this is because the curves are not tangent at the connecting portion. How to solve?

Thanks in advance



New member
hi Rajesh

draw another dtm curve using curve>composite>exact

in this u select both curve one by one. the new curve formed is a single curve which u can select as trajectory for your sweep

hope this helps u



New member

Composite curve is working. But the shape of the spring when used swept blend the solid is not following the curve.



New member
hello friend, Thanks for the answers. But I am facing one problem, I have generated curves using relations. but I am unable sweep along these trajectories. Please help me.



Rajesh, redefine the additional end curves and fix the tangency at the end where it connects to the equation curve. This may fix your problem. watch this video . What you are doing is done here completely.

hmt34, a regular sweep won't work on a curve by equation. Use swept blend or var sec sweep to follow that curve.