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To get dimensions in Note/excel sheet directly?


New member
Hi everybody can u give me solution for the below question?

1) I want all dimensions displayed in a drawing

file into a note pad/exell sheet with their ids.

2) In assembly i have assembled two cylinders

of different dias with their central line as assemblyconstraint.

I create two datam points on two cylinder surfaces at

intersection of an assembly plane .I need the distance

betn these two points(distance-dimensionalvalue) in a note pad /excell

sheet directly.

my mail id is [email protected] please help me.

Radhakrishna Kulkarni

have you seen the option Info >Model, Save as *.inf.

This file can be opened by an Excel but it is not associative.

Hope this helps, but i will check again the option to have an export fully associative file exported by proe, every time.

If you have Analysis in the menu then you can do it with Excel analysis ( It comes with Behavioural Modeling )


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