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Title Block auto update ?


New member
Hi guys,

Is there any way I can automatically update my title block..
I mean when
I have a old drawing with a 20 Sheets...
I have a FORMAT FILE which same for all this 20 Sheets..
When I update some information in my title block and save the changes,

But my Drawing Files always ...has the OLD TITLE BLOCK..

I know I have to goto the FILE >>> PAGE SETUP ... And Chage manually..
Even Selecting the same format files ....
Is there any other ways to do it?

Thx Heaps...


New member

Have you triedthis way?

Keepthe New Format file in session . Open the Drawing file and regenerate once.Does it work?

Pls reply.




You must understand how drawing formats work:

When you apply a format to a drawing, two things happen:

1. All Tables from the format are Copied to the drawing. These are independent copies and are no longer dependent upon the format. If you later change a Table in the Format, you will need to Re-Apply the format to each drawing sheet in order to see the change on your drawing.

2. All entities NOT contained in a Table are Overlaid on the format. These entities are tied directly back to the format. If you update the format file, the correcsponding entities on the drawings will update (all pages) automatically.

Hope that helps.



adding onto Brian_adkins.

" If you update the format file, the correcsponding entities on the drawings will update (all pages) automatically."

if you have in your format the parameters that u keep updating.







these parameters are filled in via the parent part. ( ie the part has to have these parametes)

if u create a map-key to change your format, all u have to do is update
ur part details via the parameter. then run through the drawing hitting
your map-key to update the format. Keep in mind if you have many models
in your 20sheet drawing you will have to select the active model.