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Thread note display


New member
Selecting a hole with standard thread will create an associated note with all thread dimension details. How can I modify the standard note ( not remove it, or modify the individual thread note). I want to modify the stanard note to show just a few items, not all of them. Thanks.
Dear gkc,

I think you can not modify the note of thread.Because the note is the bese character of thread.I also modified it before more times,but when i chosed the dialogue window the note was never changed.

Best Regards


If u want to customize the thread note display go to

*.hol file which is located under text/hole/ dir.

In that modify the CALLOUT_FORMAT as per ur requirement.

If u need details mail to me..

Dear Arul

Thanks. Your replie helped me out. If anyone likes more help look at PTC help. Search for: Thread note Formatting and hole chart.


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