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Thread Depth Tolerance 2001


New member
Good Day! I am using PRO-E 2001 and have an issue with Thread Depth Tolerance. If I create a std. tapped hole in a model, the drill depth and tap depth default to 3 plcs. For example 1/4-20 x .500 deep. When I create the drawing, use the 3D note, it shows up as 3 decimal places. If I then go to the model modify_dimcosmetics_numdigits to change the shown dimension to 2 plcs., it shows correctly on the drawing, eg 1/4-20 x .50 BUT when I save and close, pull up the drawing again it shows as 3 place decimal!!! when I open the model and start a modify,the modelshows up as 2 place, and the drawing flips to 2 place. But it will not save with the drawing. Anyone have this issue, or know of a workaround?