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This portal has few minuses (my opinion)

Thanks for bringing these issues up. I will address them in the order you presented it.

1. I usually post the new files that users have submitted on the following Monday. Occassionally things will pile up and I won't get to it until the next Monday. It is always good to post your email address with the file when you upload it. If there are any problems with the upload, I'll know who to contact. Also, if someone uploads a file that I think might be proprietary, I'll follow up with an email to make sure that it is not before I post it. If you have submitted a file and don't see it, then please contact me. There may have been an upload problem.

2. I think that you have a good idea of allowing the uploading of pictures to go along with the posts. This is something I contemplated to begin with, but just haven't gotten around to. Perhaps there could be an upload link where you can upload a picture, like a Pro/E screenshot of your problem, and then provide a link to it in your forum message. I'll elevate this on my long priority list.

3. The download counter increments the download count by 1 each time the link to download a file is clicked. If you click cancel before you actually download it, then it will still register as being downloaded. I don't think it is necessary to get too technical about it. When someone clicks on a download link, it is assumed they want to download it, not try to fake out the download counter. I have yet to see another system that works the way you describe it.

4. If you have any issues you want to discuss with me about this site in particularly, please use the contact form (link at the bottom of page) and I will make every effort to address it. The Wish List is for Pro/E wishes, not Pro/E Central wishes.


Jason Turk

Site Administrator


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