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this forum is too quiet!


New member
why this forum is too quiet, i'm novice of pro/m with great passion, want to exchange some ideas with other and get help from expert in the forum which is the forum of pro/m i can found. but.........!!!
It's Chrismas. You won't find much activity on this site until the new year. Everyone is off work, on vacation, etc. Normally there are around 20 messages postings per day.
thank Jason Turk! Merry Chrismas

But I'm anxious to get some questions, the most anxious one is how to allpy twisting load to shaft? whether using moment load, actually I did apply moment to a shaft, but there are some warning in the summary of run dialog box (the moment component of a specified load will have no effect because the surface to which it is applied is not associated with any shells)


Could you help me!

Best regard in Chrismas


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