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Thinking about using IPA for setup sheets


New member

I am not sure if this is the right section of the forum to take about this. But we are thinking at work in buying IPA software from immdesign.com and using it to replace our paper setup sheets. I have been checking the software for a couple of days and it seems to work very well and is very easy to use.

I was wondering if any of you guys has had any experience with the software? I would like to get as much feedback as possible before buying this program. If anyone has any other suggestions also please let me know.

Your feedback is highly appreciated.



New member
Ever consider a digital camera. We have attempted Pro/E Method Sheets in the past. Lots of work (way too much) and we finally decided it would be so much easier with a digital camera and some illistration software such as Adobe Illistrator.


New member
Thanks for the feedback guys, I am not sure if the digital camera is gonna be good for us, because what I want to use IPA for is to create the instructions on how to assemble and disassemble molds. and I think its gonna be tideous to keep taking pictures and keeping the files upto date whenyou make any changes. I haven't used Pro/E Method sheets or Pro/Process before. So far I think I am going with IPA, the only problem isteaching the setup guys how to use it!!!!


New member
Might not be any of my business, but I can't imagine being able to justify creating assembly instructions for molds becausethey are so infrequently disassembled and re-assembled. We even have an overly thorough PM plan and we couldn't justify it. Expecially if you are paying US wages. You should be able to expect more from you assembly techs (or not be to cheap to pay for someone that can do it, it would still be less than paying someone to create seldom used assembly instruction, which is a completely non-productive task).

Just my 2 cents. You can toss it out the window, now.