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Things don't seem right

ggggggggggggg Ithink that is enough g's?!

I don't hate Bush but I can see your point, trouble is I think the US is too big, physically and so is slow to recover in bad economy and to update old infrastructure - ATM's, roads, telecomms etc. Don't get me wrong the US is a great place in many respects but I do think its size is to its disadvantage.
10g, so you hate Bush, I guess you want higher taxes for yourself and your family. You want some kind of protectionism (sp?) government that would come from Kerry. I guess you want some of your freedoms taken away, like gun ownership, private land ownership. I'm for freedom and the only person/party that would/could give that to me is Bush and the Republican party. Am I 100% happy with GW's policies, heck no, but it's a damn better than having any Dem in office.

Steve C
swcalvert don't scare me. I did go to Kerry site on guns.

I guess you want some of your freedoms taken away, like gun ownership, private land ownership.

What kind of guns are you talking about?
I think the constitution says A well-regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state, the right to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed. Remember that the term 'regulated' in this case means equipped or orderly, as in a 'regular army', not regulated as in 'controlled by regulations'.

I didn't notice anything in there about what the arms looked like. I do know that there is a big difference between 'shall' and 'will'.

So remember the phrase 'shall NOT be infringed'. If you can muster the votes to repeal the 2nd amendment, then do it. Otherwise, leave gun owners alone. Period.
Um, Pro Engineer please. There are lots of other forums on the internet to discuss gun control and politics and abortion or whatever suits you. I think our hosts would prefer that we keep to Pro E and CAD.