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thickening surfaces


New member
I have created curves and made a surface out of them. When i try to thicken or solidify the surface, i get an error saying the offset value is too small. i tried maing the offset value the minimum, just to see what would happen, but that didn't work either. It also said there were no references for the surface, but I'm not sure how i would go about making a reference for it. Any ideas?

Reduce the accuracy. By default it is 0.0012. You can reduce it to 0.0001. In 2001, it's under Setup > Accuracy. It affects the smallest curve lengths the system is capable of seeing.

David Martin

Torgon Industries
while the accuracy may have something to do with it, I would first question your method of turning the surface solid. What are you doing? Which commands are you trying to use?

You should be trying to use CREATE, FEATURE, SOLID, PROTRUSION, USE QUILT & set the option to THIN. If you are doing this, and it is still not working, perhaps you need to lower the accuracy number.
again, i repeat, how are you trying to make the solidify?

a surface offset, as mentioned above, is NOT how you solidify a surface.
If the protustion fails, choose Fix Model and Investigate Failed Geometry if the option is available. Sometimes the system cannot diagnose the failed geometry and the Failed Geometry option will be greyed out. If it can show you the failed geometry, choose the option and you will see where the geometry is failing. I am guessing, as suggested earlier, your geometry is imploding upon itself. In other words, you have a value whose value is becoming 0 or less during the offset.

Try going in the opposite direction during feature creation. If it can, you are imploding.