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Thermal analysis


New member
Hi All,

I have a unique problem and would like to model this using Pro Mechanica Thermal. The problem is as follows:

Scenario 1: I cyclinder is uniformly conducting heat through four layers of insulation and I would like to calculate the heat flux by conduction through each. The setup is like this:

Cylinder, Layer Insulation, Layer Insulation, Layer Insulation, Stainless Steel Envelope

All heat transfer is by way of conduction and all K values are known in W/m K. Can this be modeled in Mechanica??? If so, a walkthrough or tutorial would be much appreicated.

Once I get through this problem I will post a second scenario which is simply the same problem with a level of radiation transfer replacing one layer of conduction.

Thanks in advance for the help!!



New member
Please help, is this problem possible?? I have been messing around with Thermal today with no luck on setting this problem up.

Thanks again


New member
I think that this can be modeled in mechanica, and the key is to use an
assembly setup. If you create your assembly, then specify the
connections and materials in Thermal, you should be able to conduct
your simulation. Remember to specify the different materials and
to have them assigned. I always forget to assign the materials.

Hope this helps, and let me know if you need further help.


New member
The following steps will help you to do the desired thermal analysis:

1. Opern Pro/E and create a new Assembly file (with SI units)

2. Create a component called Cu-rod with just Extrude feature (