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Theory on Surfacing


New member

I wasnt sure were to post this. I need some help on the theory behind the ones on Bezier surfaces.etc... If any one of you could suggest a good book on the above mentioned would help a lot. One such book i did come across was Mastering CAD/CAM by Ibrahim Zeid....It has one chapter about Surfaces. I was wondering if there was a book specifically for surfaces..

Thanking you all for your time

There are whole sections of the Catia v5 documentation that go into
detail on any kind of surface you would like to create. Dr Bezier
was on staff and retainer at Dassault until his death.
I used Mastering CAD/CAM by Ibrahim Zeid for my advanced CAD/CAE course, and I liked it a lot. Is there anywhere I can get CATIA documentation?

Prabesh Lohani
Hi, i found some little abt surfaces in wikepedia site. If any one has idea about a good site where we can get more info, please do send the Hyperlink.

For catia documentation, search torrents. you can download the documentation. And regarding mathematical fourmulation of surfaces, for basic knowledge, Mastering CAD/CAM by Ibrahim Zeid is the best of all I have read. Well! if you want indepht knowledge, there are good number of thesis and books available on net. You can go through them.



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