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New member
Hi there,

I 've tried several times to place textures on my parts or surfaces. I can load both jpeg or tx3 textures with my color management, but as soon i wont to place the textured color on the part i get following error : Texture assignment on subassembly currently not available. Removing textures from material

Any idea how to fix this?


I had the same problem and I suggest you the following

I have seen either that you cannot apply a texture on multiple components of an assembly.

As a solution I found the following.

As an assembly feature create surfaces on the components separately and then merge the surfaces, that you want to apply.

Now apply the texture map top this surface.

If you want to have a clear texture map you have to hide the components above this surface.

I know that this solution is not the cleverest but it works.

If I found something different or something more efficient from
Thanx xcad,

it worked indeed! I was a bit disappointed of the rendered result though, but maybe this was a result of a bad bitmap.

I keep working on it.

I'm having the same problem as mentioned above.

I agree that creating surfaces over the subassemblies will work but there has to be another way. PTC could not possibly expect people to use photorender and not apply textures to subassemblies!

Has anyone seen or applied textures to subassemblies in a different fashion?

Thanks alot!


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