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New member
Can someone give me a hand with textures? I am able to use the default textures but i would like to download or create some new ones. I have been unable to find textures (.tx3) files on the web for download. Anyone know good sites?

I have read that there are ways to take any jpeg file and make a pro-e texture file from this true? If so, can someone explain how i would go about this?
just do the same as with the default textures. map the jpeg to the part using: view...model setup... color/appearance...modify from model...details. browse to find the jpeg file and place the jpeg onto the part. i just tried it and it works.
Try this

use digital cammer, take down image.

save your jpg file in a small pattern by photo editing software first.

as street v say, use view,model setup,colour app.,add,detail,

map...use multiple pattern to set on quilt.


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