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Textured model's surface?


New member
I'm looking for way(s) of texturing outer surface of the model for cosmetic purpose. I'd like to replace the smooth outer surface of the 'S' shape, 10 feet long hose with a fabric likes texture.

If you are not looking to make actual cuts and are just looking to do cosmetics the easiest way to do it is with Pro/Photorender which is contained in a seat of foundation these days. To do what you are asking, define a new color, when you are defining a color in Pro/E you can assign a texture to it, then apply the color to the part and voila!

Oh, one other thing - it won't plot like that, you'll only see it in 3D mode, also make sure textures are turned on through your Model Display. When you define the color and apply the texture it can be just about any image type. You may want to find a picture off the web for the texture you are looking for. When you find it just do a right-mouse save as on the image you find and use that for your texture. You might try com
Thank you Viper,

Thanks for your help. I use this seat of ProE without a PhotoRender's lisence. I'll, for the time being, present my model with a good-old-plain-smooth surface.

Thank you very much to all of you - good heart ProE-gineers.



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